Partnership Accounting

Fundamental of Partnership: Rules, profit and Loss Appropriation Account
Fundamental of Partnership: Fixed and Fluctuating Capital Accounts
Fundamental of Partnership: Goodwill Valuation
Fundamental of Partnership:
Past Adjustments
Admission of Partner Lesson 1

Admission of Partner Lesson 2
Revaluation Accounts
Admission of Partner Lesson 3
Goodwill Treatment
Admission of Partner Lesson 4
Capital Adjustment
Admission of Partner Lesson 5:
Numerical Solution
Retirement of Partner Lesson 1

Retirement of Partner Lesson 2
Capital Payment
Retirement of Partner Lesson 3
Capital Adjustment
Retirement of Partner Lesson 4
Numerical Solved
Death of Partner: In One Class Concept and Numerical
Dissolution of Partnership Firm Lesson 1

Dissolution of Partnership Firm Lesson 2

Dissolution of Partnership Firm Lesson 3

Insolvency of Partner: One Partner Insolvency:: Garner Vs. Murray Rule
Insolvency of Partner::
All Partner Insolvency